Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cake Decorating Class

Last week in cake decorating class, our teacher gave us homework. YUM!
We had to pick a simple picture, and then use wax paper to outline it.
We filled in the outline with stars, and made a cake transfer.
This is mine. K. helped me mix the frosting, and we both thought that the brown looked
a bit like baby poop. He was still laughing about it the next morning while sharing
the story with his sister. A little maroon food coloring to the brown
changed the color and made it darker. I thought the transfer turned out cute.
Hope I'll be able to put it on a cake.

Cake decorating made me feel domestic, so I made a batch of
home made Oreo cookies. They don't taste anything like oreos, but they're still
good. The recipe had a lot of shortening in it. Not so good for the hips, but great for
the hands. When I was rolling the dough into balls, my hands were so soft.
The frosting in the middle has cream cheese in it. It really was an easy
recipe to make. I have a second recipe that doesn't use a
cake mix, so I'll try that one next and see which one tastes better.


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