Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Trip to The Apple Orchard

We took a trip to the apple orchard. The last time we went, I had to remove a screaming kid. This time was much more fun. Notice K. LOVING his apple!

D. busily picking apples. She took the trip seriously.

The kids with J. Notice their cute Candy Corn Hats. I made those.

The kids with me. I made myself a Candy Corn Hat too. While we were at the orchard, a lady stopped us to comment on our hats. She wondered where she could buy one.

With all of our apples, we're baking lots of stuff. Apple Bread for breakfast.

Apple crisp for dessert. We even made home made apple sauce. YUM! I love the fall.
I finished my first cake decorating class this week. This is the cake that I decorated for my "final".
I made the ghosts and the pumpkins out of fondant. I found this really easy fondant recipe, and I made my own. It's called marshmallow fondant, and it tastes so good. It was so easy to make, it only took me about ten minutes from start to finish. It was really easy to work with. I wish I had known about it when we got married. I would have made the fondant instead of spending so much money on the premade stuff.


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