Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Great, The Big K. is Eight

I met big K. almost four years ago. He was already
four. He had a habit of
tearing it up in Pre-school.
His teacher said to me,
"All this boy needs is a mother, and he will be fine."
She was right.
The road with K. hasn't always been easy.
Truth be told, he and I are an awful
lot a like. Although difficult,
K. has been a constant joy in our lives.
It took him the longest to call me
Mommy. Once he started calling me
Mommy, he never wavered.
It's taken him a bit longer to trust.
It takes him a while to ask for something, and
after three years he's just starting
to let me really be his mom.
K. is curious, sweet, intelligent, and
strong willed.
I often wonder what he'll be like as an adult.
Last week, it was a joy
to watch him turn eight.
He was so excited to share his birthday
with the people that he loves.
He was thrilled with all of the gifts, cards, and
of course the cake.
After enjoying Chocolate Lasagna on my birthday,
it's all he wanted for his.
Once again, I thought of his birth mother.
I wondered what she was doing, how her day
was, if she remembered it was his birthday.
I prayed for her, for K., for the day they might meet.
And again, I said thank you. Thank you for giving
him life, even though you already had
a one year old baby girl.
Thank you for making my wish
come true. How
I love being his mother.


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