Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mickey Shirts

I remember exactly what I was wearing that day.
I remember exactly what I was doing that day
when the phone rang, and my life changed
forever. I was so excited to hear from my Mom.
We hadn't talked in a while, both of us busy.
She'd had an ultra sound, there were masses on her liver.
Ultra sounds aren't reliable they told her.
This one was. For the longest
time, I wouldn't
look at that sweatshirt, even though it was one of my favorites.
I couldn't bare to wear it.
Then one day, my sweet Big K. said,
"Mommy, will you wear your Mickey shirt. I'll wear mine, and
then we'll match."
How could I resist my little man.
Now, my Mickey shirt makes me think of my son. What a gift
he is, and how short the time is that he'll be small
and want to dress like his mother.
I look forward to the days when we wear our Mickey shirts.


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