Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

My daughter loves a good holiday.
She would celebrate every holiday on the
calendar if we'd let her.
President's Day, Flag Day, anything.
I believe this love of holidays comes from never having
anything to celebrate before we met her.
She and her brother had never had a birthday,
Easter, or Thanksgiving.
When Doodles got a family, she got holidays.
Because of her love of all days special, I really enjoy
making the time fun.
Today was Valentine's Day. What fun
it was to think of special things to do for the kids.
We enjoyed heart shaped pancakes and pink
milk for breakfast.
The kids loved them, especially Doodles.
Every year, we give the kids some Valentine
candy and a book.
This year was no different.
This morning after church,
each of the kids took some time to open their cards
and their presents.
A happy Valentine's Day was had by
Hope you had a fun day with the person or
people that you love.
Happy Valentine's Day!


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