Monday, December 1, 2008

Adoption Day

After about a month, I'm finally posting our adoption pictures.
We had to wake up way too early to get into
Boston in time for the court proceedings.
Don't the kids look great! This is in the hotel before we left.

Waiting with Oma. We had to wait for the judge to call us
into her chambers. It was a LONG wait.

Waiting with Poppa. Where is the judge?

Finally, we're led into the court room. Here we are reviewing
the kids birth certificates. Our names are added
after the adoption.

Signing the birth certificate form.

Our day is finally here! After three long years, we
finally get to sign for our kids.

In the court with the judge. She did such a great
job. She had the kids "adopt" us. They filled
out a certificate changing our
names to Mom and Dad.
When the judge asked K. why he wanted to adopt us, he said,
"Because I love them."
My heart melted. So did everyone elses.
Posing with everyone on the judge's bench. After such a
long road, they are finally our kids.
It's a wonderful feeling to know
that nobody can take them from us!
Pictures with the ladies that have been so
important in our children's lives. On the right, is the
worker that matched us with our kids.
On the left is the therapist that worked
with our kids while they were in
foster care. It was a WONDERFUL thing to get
to share our day with them.
Thank You.
After a fun afternoon, we went to Plaster Fun Time. We
wanted to take Oma and Poppa to one
of the places that we visited while we
were still visiting the kids in Boston.
My Sweet artist. Did I mention, she's mine now!

My very excited artist! Although the judge
didn't change his name to Batman Robin, he still painted the Bat symbol.
The picture is blurry because he kept jumping around.
Did I mention it was an exciting day!
After Plaster Fun Time, we went to a place called "Bean Town".
It was another place that we used to visit with the kids.
Those are water fireworks that happen in the food court of
the shopping center.
My forever children. Aren't they cute!
They're posing in front of some of the things in
"Bean Town".
Everything is made of jelly beans.
Make Way for Ducklings, made with Jelly Beans!

After a very exciting and busy adoption day, it was back
to the hotel for some sleep. Aren't they precious.

The next morning, we took a trip to Plymouth.
A tree in Plymouth. They were arguing about
who could sit on the branch. Even adoption won't
change some things.
This is a picture of the Mayflower 2. We took the kids on board
to learn about the pilgrims trip to the new world.
It was such a great experience.
We had a wonderful trip to Boston. I'm so thankful that my parents were both able to be there, and that we will all share the special memory of K. and D. becoming ours legally.
Please continue to pray for my Mom. I'm so glad that she was able to spend a few
happy days with us and the kids.


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Oh, what beautiful pictures!!! Love those kiddos of yours! :) Miss you all!

December 3, 2008 at 12:08 PM  

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