Monday, January 26, 2009

Ice Skating

Friday was crisp, clear, and sunny. It was a beautiful
day to go to our local ice skating rink.
Not so cold out that I could have been picked up for child
endangerment. Just right outside. That made the rink okay
inside. So, off I headed with the kids to skate. I'm not exactly
graceful on my feet. In fact, walking can prove challenging to me.
It seems almost crazy to put my feet in shoes with narrow blades and then
go out on ice. I can't even walk on ice with boots and sneakers. Friday, I felt brave. So I
put on those ice skates and headed to the ice. First, those figure skaters make skating
look way too easy. It's harder than it looks. Despite barely being able
to stand, needing to hold the wall, and wrestling with a three year old
for the ice skating balance bar,
we had a great time on the ice. We went around the rink, which seemed
huge, three or four times. Let me tell you, I felt my age! Muscles were
hurting that I didn't even know I had! D. could have gone all
day. She loved it. She fell a bunch, but she was so determined
to get back up and try again.
That night, when she was taking her bath, we saw how bruised up she
was. Boy did she love skating. I think we'll try to go again. Maybe
I won't have to steal a balance bar from
the children!


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