Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Dentist

The cookie.

The tooth.

The bill.
First, thank you Ree for watching the kids so that I could take a much needed
trip to the dentist.
On Sunday night, I was innocently eating a delicious sugar cookie.
Chewing away, I felt something hard. Trying to chew it, I realized that it was too
hard to eat, spit it into my hand, examined it, and proclaimed, "That looks like a tooth."
Imagine my shock when I realized it was a tooth and not just any tooth, MY TOOTH!!
At least it didn't hurt.
Now, I hate dentists, really, really hate them. They may be nice people when
they aren't sporting needles and drills, but when they are,
I would rather stay away. For many years I have managed to avoid the
dentist. Well, a chipped tooth. What was I to do. I could either become
one of those guests on Jerry Springer who sports a smile
that screams, "I have poor oral hygiene," or I could put my fears aside
and go to the dentist. Debating my options Jerry Springer smile or
dentist, I had to choose dentist. Not that there's anything wrong
with Jerry's guests. It's just not me. Thankfully, I found a dentist
that didn't laugh at me when I explained my fear of needles, drills, and Novocaine. He
continued to listen as I begged for the gas, only to learn that it is currently
illegal to use knock out gas in a dentist's office.
He promised that I would feel nothing, and that my experience would
be "pleasant". I wasn't too sure. Pleasant and Dentist seem a bit
like oxymorons. Well, I didn't feel anything. He numbed my mouth so much
that I didn't even feel the needle deliver the Novocaine. He allowed the Novocaine
to work, and I didn't even feel it as he drilled what was
left of my tooth away. Now, I wouldn't choose a trip to the dentists
over an afternoon shopping trip, but it wasn't that bad.
I even made an appointment to get the rest
of my mouth examined. I guess I won't
become one of those TV talk show guests
that are missing the majority of their teeth.


Blogger mrsjdt said...

Someone just like me!!! You'll have to share the name of Mr. Gentle, Kind and Understanding

February 27, 2009 at 10:51 PM  

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