Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Not So Perfect Day

There are days when I feel like the perfect mother.
The kids are up early. I cook a hot breakfast.
Our day goes by without a hitch.
Today was NOT one of those days.
My son looked at me defiantly and declared
that he was done having a mother.
I think he may have un-adopted me!
It was all I could do not to tell him
Good luck with that new home. I am, after all,
the adult.
My daughter had yet another
accident in her pants, for
a reason that I cannot understand.
I looked to God and cried, "WHY?"
Why does it have to be like this.
Why did you choose me to be their mother?
Why did you choose us to be their parents?
Then I heard my Mother's sweet voice telling me,
"You expect way too much from yourself" She's right, I
do. Then I heard God (see how important my Mom is
to me Mom/God-lucky for me, she was such a great mother)
God reminded me that His strength is perfect
when mine is gone.
So I said, "Chuck the schedule. We're going out in the snow!"
And we did. We enjoyed the beautiful sun, the shining
snow. I realized, I may never be the perfect mother.
The Big K. may un-adopt me, and Doodles
may be in diapers until she's 30,
but these are my kids.
I'm who they need.
One word written in the snow described
the heart of my son. My children,
although a frequent challenge,
are so much more often a JOY.
I love being their mother.


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