Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm a Local

I didn't grow up in this area, my husband did.
Often people will ask me where I'm from, and I'll
say, "Out west."
After all, I was born out there, and I spent my childhood moving
around all over the west coast.
Last night, we decided to barbecue for dinner.
This area is rich with "local" foods. Foods only found
in the upstate area. One of my favorites are
salt potatoes. I never heard of them until
I moved here.
They're delicious little potatoes boiled in lots
of salt and covered with butter.
While visiting the salt museum in Syracuse,
I learned that salt potatoes were
created by the Irish immigrants who used to boil the water
of a nearby lake to get salt.
They would bring potatoes for lunch,
place them in the pots of salt water, and
so salt potatoes were born.
Salt potatoes feel like summer. As I was
contemplating this local taste , and the tradition of
salt potatoes that my kids are growing up with,
it dawned on me. I have lived here for
almost half of my life.
I've lived in this area longer
than I've ever lived anywhere.
I am, in fact, a local.


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