Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Really Great Dog

Before we had kids, we had pets.
Shortly after Jon and I married,
we went to the local shelter.
We met a stray. He'd been found wandering.
No one knew how old he was, where he'd
come from, what he'd been through.
They did know that he was easy going. Loved to eat, sleep,
and play (we were told). They knew that he was
part black lab. They knew that he needed a home.
We fell in love with him. His name was Tyler.
We brought him home.
We figured he was old, he wasn't quite as playful as a
younger dog. He did love to eat and sleep.
He loved us. He endured the addition of
children to our family.
Accepted them, loved them. He was loyal and kind.
His favorite thing to do was to lay outside, in the sun. Imagine
how he must have hated the shelter, locked indoors in a cage. How
happy he was to hike, camp, and spend time with us.
He was a wonderful dog. On Friday, April 17, Tyler
passed away unexpectedly. He has left a hole in our hearts.
He is missed.
We still look for him out under his favorite tree. We still see the holes
he dug in our yard. We miss his happy face.
We love you Tyler.


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