Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Very Fun Easter Weekend

For Easter this year, we went down to visit my parents. We
had such a fun visit.
Last fall, it was our hope that my mom
would still be alive on Easter. How thankful we all are
that she was.
One of her goals was to be able to go to Joe's Crab Shack.
She'd seen all sorts of advertisements for
the restaurant chain while watching
Food Network during her recovery.
How fun to make that goal a reality. It may not seem
like a big deal to most, but it was to us.
My mom hasn't been able to travel, and for
a while she wasn't able to eat.
On the Saturday before Easter, we loaded up the car and drove
to Lawrencville, NJ. What a beautiful drive
we had through Princeton.
We enjoyed a delicious, and fun meal of crab, shrimp, fish, and
chicken for my dad (he doesn't like seafood).
I wish that the day, and the time, could have lasted forever.
Hard to believe, a few months ago, I would have been rushing
the kids, and hurrying on to the next thing. My mom's illness
has changed my perspective. Now I savor the time
that I have with my family, that my kids
have with their grandparents. I enjoy the celebration
of a goal achieved. A cancer battle being
fought. Small steps back.
It was a really great day.
You can't have Easter without decorating eggs. Notice
the beautiful eggs that Doodles made.
Three years ago, we brought our children to meet my
parents for the first time. They had never
celebrated Easter before. They'd never made eggs, had Easter
Baskets or enjoyed a time with extended family. They were four and five then.
Hard to believe that they have become Easter pros in three
short years. Easter is always a fun time. Not only
is it my mom's favorite holiday, the
basis of our faith, but it is the time
that my children celebrated their first holiday with us.
Easter morning, after the Easter breakfast. What did the bunny bring us.
I forced them to pose on the stairs for some pictures. Jon was
video taping, I was snapping pictures. Our children's
lives are documented!!
Oh, the joy of Easter morning. Look at that loot!
We enjoyed a beautiful service at my parent's church. The singing
and worshiping was wonderful. How great to
know that Jesus lives, and that we have
the confidence of knowing we
will spend an eternity with Him.
After church, it was time to hunt for eggs. I love
this picture of the kids running.
They were having so much fun.
That bunny, how clever he was to hide those eggs.
K. finding eggs. He loves the egg hunt.
Another egg, waiting for a child.
Doodles, looking for some eggs.
"Oh Mommy! The Easter Bunny brought us candy!"
Finally, a picture of our Easter spread.
The reason it was such a big deal? It's the first
holiday meal that my mom has been able to cook
since her diagnosis and surgery.
Another mile stone met. Another
memory to share. I'm so thankful to
see these steps towards recovery.
I'm so thankful for another holiday
that I can spend with those I love.


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