Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Very Special Visit

On Friday, we got a call from the boys' new foster mother.
She was exhausted and needing a break.
We had the PRIVILEGE of bringing the boys to our house for a visit.
It was a double treat, because it was also the baby's
second birthday.
Hard to believe that he's already two.
We can't have a birthday go unnoticed, so we threw together
a very fun second birthday party for a
very special little boy.
The kids helped me decorate and pick out favors.
We enjoyed a yummy dinner and some
Having the boys home makes our family
feel so complete. When they are away from us,
our hearts ache. Having them home, just for a few days
was so much fun.
I'm so thankful that their current foster
mom knows how special they are to us
and how much they will always be a part of us.
She has maintained a relationship with us, and I am
so grateful.
Our prayer remains that the boys' birth mother will one
day allow us to adopt them. Perhaps she'll realize that we love
her and her boys, and we would love to
raise the boys.
For now, we continue to trust that we
did the right thing by removing them. Knowing
that the court system drags on for these kids, and that
for them, a permanent home is not
in their near future is heart breaking. I trust that the Lord has
allowed us to remain a part of their lives for a
reason. I pray that they will know how much they
are loved. Even if they don't live with us.
For now, we enjoy the moments that we've been
given with them. We enjoy the unexpected
surprise of them staying with
us. Waking up in our home, and going to
sleep with our kids.
We enjoy the sounds of our four children running, laughing,
and playing in the yard.
Although we don't see the future for them, God
does. He brought them to us, and I
pray that he will return them to us.


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