Monday, April 27, 2009

The Things That Change With Time

This weekend was hot. It felt like summer.
In the spirit of soon to be summer, we packed
up the kids and took them to the park that
Jon and I were married in almost eight years
The park has all sorts of trails and a stream.
We enjoyed a dinner outside.
Everything tastes better outside.
Then we started hiking.
First, please enjoy this picture twice. I couldn't
figure out how to remove it.
Aren't those kids cute? Don't they look
like they're having fun.
Take a second look.
We took the kids down to the stream where
Jon and I had some of our wedding
photos taken.
We, Jon and I, reminisced about
our wedding day.
Hard to believe that it was almost eight
years ago. The time really has gone quickly.
The day of our wedding was really hot and humid.
Jon was in his tux, I was wearing a heavy gown.
I couldn't wait to hike back to the creek to get
some pictures.
Our photographer was lots of fun. He was
all into hiking.
Jon was melting.
One of my favorite wedding pictures is a picture
that was taken in this field as
Jon and I were walking
towards the gazebo. The kids were walking
ahead of us, and I couldn't resist the picture
of the two of them with their arms around each other.
The dogs also enjoyed the view from the field.
I think Kalea was enjoying the view of Bailey.
The park has lots of hills. What kid can resist
the fun of rolling in the grass.
The kids loved rolling down the hill.
They probably did it 100 times. Maybe I'm exaggerating,
but they did it a lot.
After rolling down the hills, we took the kids
to "our" gazebo. The place that we
took our wedding vows almost eight years
ago. Who would have guessed
then that we would go through infertility
and the Lord bringing us the children
that He chose for us. Of course, while in
the gazebo, we had to re-enact our
wedding kiss. Instead of wedding music and cheering
like we heard the first time we did it, we heard,
"Oh gross! Do you have to do that?!"
Oh, the things that change with time.


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