Friday, June 5, 2009

A Memory Made

On Friday, May 22, we were able to go see Mary Poppins on
Broadway. At Christmas time, we had so much fun giving
everyone "clues" about what the big gift was.
Jon and I wrapped up all sorts of nutty stuff, laughed as
everyone opened it, and watched as my Mom thought
that we had finally lost our minds.
The last gift was a box filled with construction paper
"tickets" and a note that shared with my
Mom that we wanted to create a memory with
everyone by taking them to see
Mary Poppins.
At the time, my Mom had been recently diagnosed
with cancer. The future was uncertain, and her
prognosis was poor. Dreaming about our
trip to Broadway gave her, and us,
something to look forward to.
She used to say to us, "Well, if I can't go
at least I had fun thinking about it."
I'm SO thankful that we were able to go.
We took a limousine down to the city.
My mom is still weak, and walking, standing, or
riding is difficult for her.
The limo picked us up at my parents house,
and then dropped us off in front
of the theater. We had
so much fun on the ride. Our driver
was really nice, and really great at driving through the
The show was in the New Amsterdam Theater. It
was a beautiful building.
There were all sorts of carvings on the walls
and ceiling.
The show was FANTASTIC. Enough like the movie to be
recognized as Mary Poppins, but
different enough to be new.
There were new songs and dances.
The actor's did a terrific job. Even the two kids that played
Jane and Michael were phenomenal.
The props were amazing. The house moved back, the roof came off,
Mary Poppins flew out over the audience.
The chimney sweeps danced on roof tops.
The final scene was about being able to
do anything.
We all loved the show!
Because we had the limo, and we didn't have to drive, we
decided to eat at Katz Deli after the play.
The Deli is famous, although I'd never heard of it before, but
I was told (by my Mom and my brother) that it was a
famous deli that had been around for over 100
years. The food was FABULOUS!
I think I would rent a limo just to go back to Katz, because
I would never drive there on my own.
It was a fantastic night. More fun than we
had hoped for back at Christmas when we
first had the idea of Broadway.
It was so fun to make more
memories together, because in the end,
that's all you have. I know that the memory
we made with each other that night is something that we'll
always hold on to.


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