Sunday, May 3, 2009

Starting A Garden

This weekend was beautiful.
Like real adults, Jon and I decided to work in the yard.
We also decided to try our hand at
Jon sweetly told me that if I would plan what I wanted
for a garden, he would provide the labor.
I've never had my very own garden,
so I started researching.
I decided to try a raised bed garden.
Jon went out and bought the lumber to do one
He also figured out how much soil we would need to fill
the three boxes that
I was hoping for.
Top soil appears to be gold. We would need
so much soil to fill three boxes, that we
decided to try one large box,
one small box,
and then we will till up an area of ground for whatever won't fit in our boxes.
It was fun buying seeds with the kids and planning what
we will grow.
I hope to be able to harvest lots of vegetables instead
of boxes of weeds.


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