Friday, June 5, 2009

A Weekend Walk

While we were visiting
my parents, we took some time to enjoy a local
trail. Jon and I have always enjoyed hiking.
Doesn't Doodles look like she's in pain?
I tell her that her parents forcing her to hike
will give her something to
tell her therapist when she grows up.
Big K loves to smile for the
I remember a time when the kids didn't know
what cameras were. They would just
stare while I was snapping pictures.
This was when we first met them, so I was taking
pictures like crazy. Who am I kidding,
I still take pictures like crazy. Anyway,
finally we showed them some of the photos we'd taken.
They were so amazed to see themselves. They would say,
"That's us." After that, they were always hamming
it up for the camera.
Sweet Doodles. I can't believe
she's almost nine!
And of course my favorite daughter. Doodles would
be yelling, "NO MOMMY!! I'm your favorite daughter!"
Sweet Kalea, already three months old.


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