Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tonight is Halloween

This year is the first year my kids have had
store bought costumes. My mother is a great
Every year, since the kids came to us, she's made
them costumes for Halloween.
Last year she started their costumes before she
found out she was sick. Those costumes
were the last things that she ever made for them.
This year, we trudged to the store to buy costumes for the kids.
Doodles was a Rainbow Princess,
And The Big K. was a Storm Trooper.
We spent Halloween weekend with my Mom.
She rested all day, so that she could try to go
Trick-or-Treating with us.
Last year she could walk.
This year she was in her wheel chair.
We walked all through my parents neighborhood.
We saw lots of families and kids.
The kids enjoyed themselves soooo much,
and so did my Mom.
I didn't quite realize the effort she had to make
to spend the evening with us.
I didn't realize how important the time
out with the kids was to her.
When she came home, she said to me,
"I'm so thankful that I went. Thank you."
I'm so thankful that you went too Mom.
Thank You.


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