Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Morning In Our House

I am fortunate to have had a childhood
filled with happy memories.
When most women were entering the workforce,
my Mother chose to become a home maker.
The last year of her life, my mother told
me that she had no regrets. All she'd ever wanted to
do was to be a wife and mother.
She only wished it had lasted longer.
Many of my childhood memories are centered around
the kitchen, baking, cooking, eating. When Jon and I
bought our house, I really hoped for
a great kitchen. One that would hold happy
memories for our family.
Gradually, we have transformed our kitchen
from a dark and ugly room, to a really bright and
cheery room. The kids and I spend our
mornings together in our kitchen.
They work on their school work while
I bake or get stuff ready for dinner.
At night, our family eats dinner around our
kitchen table.
I pray that my children's childhoods will be
littered with happy memories.
Littered with the knowledge of how
loved they are, how wanted they
are, how important they are.
I pray that when my life ends, I'll be able to say
I lived with no regrets. I was everything
that I wanted to be. I did every thing that I wanted
to do. Each day, as I go about the task of being
Mom, I think of my own mother. I miss her,
I remember her,
and I pray that I will be even half the
mother to my own children that
she was to me.


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