Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Oldest Son Turns Nine!

We first met when he was four. By then,
he'd been through more than most adults.
His sister had so many behavior problems, that
the Big K. was often over looked.
On our second visit to see the kids, we got to spend the
day at K.'s school. He was in Preschool. He was
so excited about our visit that he was
taken out of the classroom, because he became so disruptive.
His teacher was a wonderfully kind woman who told
us that all he really needed was a mother. Once he had a mother,
she was sure his behaviors and problems would even out.
That afternoon, he looked up at me and said,
"Please don't leave me Jennie. I don't want you to go."
We stayed all afternoon.
It took K. the longest time to call me Mom, but once he did
that's all he's ever called me.
It took him the longest time to
really trust us. He's trying.
He still struggles with believing
that we'll take care of him.
My oldest son is loving, kind, and brave.
He is genuinely happy for others.
He loves animals with a passion.
He loves his younger brothers with his whole heart.
He loves to read, and is always excited to tell me the latest
adventures of the Hardy Boys.
He loves his Dad and all things boy.
He is always up for an adventure, and it is many
a day that I hear him directing the play of our other children.
K. is strong willed and intelligent. He wakes up with a smile
and goes to bed with a smile. He cares about
others. He tries to do right and loves to tell me when his
siblings are doing wrong.
He is often my greatest struggle as a parent.
He remains my greatest joy.
I love him with my whole heart. I wonder what type
of man he will grow in to. I wonder what God has planned for him.
I am thankful each and every day that God saw fit to make me his
Happy Birthday my Big K. I'm so happy
that you are my son.


Blogger Sara said...

Beautiful post about such a precious boy :)

September 4, 2010 at 4:50 PM  

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