Friday, June 5, 2009

My Eyes are ON FIRE!!!

This morning I made Jalapeno Bagels for
breakfast. During the school
year the kids read a story
about Jalapeno Bagels. They
were dying to try them. To surprise them, I woke up
early and made some.
I carefully cut the jalapeno peppers, and then
even more carefully washed the
oil off of my fingers. Everything seemed fine.
My hands weren't hurting, I made it through all of the steps
to make the bagels, and then went to take a shower.
I was washing my face, when all of a sudden
there was a hot, searing pain in my eyes.
literally on fire, but if they had been at least I was in the shower.
Anyway, I had jalapeno oil still on them.
I thought I was going to die. After blindly flailing around, I was
able to get out of the shower, wash my hands again, stumble to
the computer to type in "removing pepper oil from hands".
There were almost a million (again not literally) cures for
pepper oil on fingers. I tried almost all of them.
I soaked my hands in milk, washed them with sugar, caked
them in baking soda, poured rubbing alcohol and then lemon
juice all over them. If I had Rum I would of tried
that remedy too. Not sure if you were supposed to drink the Rum or
pour it on the skin, maybe both.
Anyway, nothing worked. My hands were on fire.
They finally don't hurt as much, but I can't get them anywhere near
my eyes. At least the bagels are delicious.
The kids loved them.
Oh the things I do to bring a smile to their faces.


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