Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Never Too Young To Help

He may not have mastered potty on the
toilet yet,
but he loves to help.
This morning, he was vacuuming for me.

Monday, June 28, 2010

June In Pictures (With Some Words)

For the first time, in what feels
like forever, I have been feeling
like myself again.
There are days, and times, when I really
miss my Mom, and I think
of all the things that I miss about
her, and all of the things that
I wish we were still doing together.
Then there are days, when I remember how blessed
my life is. I think of how good God has
been to me.
This month, I have been busy doing
what my Mom would want me to be doing,
I have spent time enjoying my kids,
my husband,
our family.
We have enjoyed time together making memories
with each other.
We've visited new places,
and done new things together.
The kids finally finished a very emotional third grade
year. This year, they said good-bye to their
grandmother and hello to
their brothers.
Together, we celebrated Jon's birthday
and Father's Day.
We have spent time loving each other,
enjoying our family,
and planning all of the fun things that
we want to do together
this summer.
I know that if my Mom could see these pictures,
read this blog, she would be so proud
and happy to see us enjoying each
day that we have together.
Our time together is truly a gift to be treasured.
Hope you are treasuring your family and the time
that you have together.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome Summer

Welcome Summer.
We can't wait to enjoy
the long hot days,
trips to the park,
time to play,
and all of the relaxing that we know
summer will bring.