Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Love Story

My parents have always been in love.
When I was a kid I remember them
kissing, holding hands, laughing, and
talking with each other.
I thought every one's parents were like that.
When I got older, I realized
how lucky I was to have two parents
that really loved each other.
They have always been best friends.
They have been two parts of a whole.
You don't say Mom without saying Dad.
You don't say Dad without saying Mom.
Last week they celebrated their
38th wedding anniversary.
Seeing their love for each other this
past year has made me
love and respect them both more.
I am
so thankful for the model they gave me of marriage.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. I love you.

Field Trips with Oma and Papa

Oma and Papa came for a visit.
We tried to do as much fun stuff together
as we could.
They came with us to a zoo class.
The kids learned about
seeds and how
animals spread them.
By far, their biggest thrill
was holding the rats, Greg and
Papa went with us
to a corn maze.
We rode a hay wagon out to where
the maze was. It was HUGE!!
The maze was cut to look
like an antique fire truck.
The kids had to run all through the maze
looking for mail boxes that had colored
papers in them. When
they put all of the papers together, it made
a map of the maze. It was so much fun
searching for the map.
It was even more fun having Papa along
for the ride!

Circus Day!

Every October, the Shrine Circus
comes to town.
Every fall, since our kids came to us,
my Mom has wanted to go
to the circus.
We always had something going on,
or a reason not to go.
When we found out that
the chemo was no longer working and
her time might be shorter than we thought,
it was time to go to the circus.
For the kids, it was their first "real" circus.
It did not disappoint.
There were tigers, trapeze artists,
elephants, and goats.
And of course, there were
light up toys, popcorn, and
cotton candy.
My only regret,
that we waited so long to go.
I wish that the first time Mom had asked
we would have said,"Yes, let's go."
We wouldn't have had to wonder, will this
be the last time she'll go to a circus with
the kids. I am thankful that we
did go, so that next year when the
circus comes to town, the kids will
be able to say,"Remember when
we saw the circus with Oma and Papa."

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Fall Walk and Some Donuts

I love to cook and bake.
I really enjoy trying new recipes.
Last week I tried my hand at
sour cream donuts.
They were really good, if I do say so myself.
I enjoyed using my new donut cutter.
I bought it up North. It was worth the drive.
I also enjoy morning walks with the kids.
This was on the Eerie Canal trail.
They were having so much fun
looking for leaves and animals.
I couldn't resist the picture of the trees reflecting
on the canal.
I love the Fall.

Counting My Blessings

My mom always sings this song, "Count your blessings,
name them one by one, and you will discover what the
Lord has done.
Last week, we received the news we'd been
dreading. Mom's cancer has spread.
There's nothing else that can be done for her.
Upset by this news, I've decided to focus
on my many blessings.
I'm thankful for my husband of eight years.
He came when I never thought I would
marry. He's by best friend and soul mate.
I'm thankful for my children, and
their adoption after three LONG
years of waiting.
I'm thankful for my parents who are
Godly, and raised me to
love and serve the Lord.
I'm thankful for my brother and the
relationship that I have with him.
Our relationship led me
to want to adopt siblings, so that
they would not have another
loss to add to everything else already taken
from them.

When I think of all of the things that
I have been given, the happy years with
my husband, children, and parents,
I realize how lucky I am. I realize
what the Lord has done.