Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another First

We go to the State Fair every summer.
We went before we had kids, and when
the kids came along they joined us at the fair.
My parents went together, with my brother and me if
we were home from college, then with Jon and me.
Mom and Dad really enjoyed bringing their grand kids
to the fair.
They loved all of the excitement the
kids had over EVERYTHING.
They loved sharing the fair with the kids.
Every summer we look forward to the trip to the fair.
Not this summer.
It's not that we didn't look forward to it, it's
just that it was the first time we've gone without
my Mom.
Last year, Mom was getting chemo. She worked her chemo
schedule around the fair.
She really wanted to go.
She warned us that she might get tired, so not to plan
on staying as long as we usually did.
She staid all day.
We didn't' leave until that evening.
We enjoyed all of our favorite things together.
We ate lots of fair food, enjoyed all of the exhibits,
and had fun watching the kids as they rode on
the rides and saw the dog show.
We packed in as much fun as we could. We
all knew that it might be our last trip to the fair,
together. The last time that we would share
the fair food and our "stomach room".
Despite my Mom's health, she never complained. She laughed, smiled,
and enjoyed every minute of that day.
This year, we went back to the State Fair for
the first time without Mom.
This year, we had the boys. I wished so much that Mom was
with us enjoying the time with the two younger boys.
I wished that Mom was there to watch the two older kids
take their first big kid roller coaster ride with Dad.
I wished for just one more chance to share fair food,
see the butter sculpture together, look for
"Sham Wow". I wished she were there to laugh
as The Big K. talked about his candy, Doodles rolled her eyes
at everything, and Baby J. declared is ice cream "Nummy".
I wished she could have seen Dad fall asleep on the
bench. She always said that he could sleep anywhere.
I missed her the whole day. I wished for her the whole day.
Everything reminded me of the times that we went to the fair with her.
The first year is supposed to be the hardest. Next year, it might be easier,
but this year I missed her.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Celebration Combination

Our older two children are one year
one week apart.
This year, because they share so many of the
same friends,
we decided to have a big combination birthday
We rented a pavilion at a local park,
made lots of cupcakes,
barbecued LOTS
of food,
invited lots of friends,
and enjoyed lots of fun.
Our menu was full of kid favorite foods.
I tried my hand at pina colada cupcakes.
We also had pink lemonade, s'mores,
and chocolate with white chocolate
and cream cheese frosting cupcakes.
The weather was beautiful,
the company was enjoyable.
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves
as we celebrated another year in
our children's lives.
At the end of the evening, we had full bellies,
full hearts, and a car load of craft
things to donate to Hospice.
Thank you everyone who came to help us celebrate
our children and their lives.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Oldest Son Turns Nine!

We first met when he was four. By then,
he'd been through more than most adults.
His sister had so many behavior problems, that
the Big K. was often over looked.
On our second visit to see the kids, we got to spend the
day at K.'s school. He was in Preschool. He was
so excited about our visit that he was
taken out of the classroom, because he became so disruptive.
His teacher was a wonderfully kind woman who told
us that all he really needed was a mother. Once he had a mother,
she was sure his behaviors and problems would even out.
That afternoon, he looked up at me and said,
"Please don't leave me Jennie. I don't want you to go."
We stayed all afternoon.
It took K. the longest time to call me Mom, but once he did
that's all he's ever called me.
It took him the longest time to
really trust us. He's trying.
He still struggles with believing
that we'll take care of him.
My oldest son is loving, kind, and brave.
He is genuinely happy for others.
He loves animals with a passion.
He loves his younger brothers with his whole heart.
He loves to read, and is always excited to tell me the latest
adventures of the Hardy Boys.
He loves his Dad and all things boy.
He is always up for an adventure, and it is many
a day that I hear him directing the play of our other children.
K. is strong willed and intelligent. He wakes up with a smile
and goes to bed with a smile. He cares about
others. He tries to do right and loves to tell me when his
siblings are doing wrong.
He is often my greatest struggle as a parent.
He remains my greatest joy.
I love him with my whole heart. I wonder what type
of man he will grow in to. I wonder what God has planned for him.
I am thankful each and every day that God saw fit to make me his
Happy Birthday my Big K. I'm so happy
that you are my son.