Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brand New Big Kid Bikes

It seems like just yesterday we were buying our kids
bikes with training wheels. I will never forget
their first spring with us. We surprised them
with a princess bike for Doodles and
a Spiderman bike for Big K.
Tonight, they graduated to big kid bikes.
Last summer they worked so
hard to learn to ride without training wheels.
During the school year they
worked so hard to earn
brand new big kid bikes.
Tonight, we enjoyed taking them for a ride on
the canal trail. We watched our
kids as they started with some wobbling
and then took off sure and strait.
They looked so grown up
riding in front of us.
I realized that this is life. Each day we watch
them grow. Sometimes it seems fast,
other times slow. Eventually, they will ride off in
front of us, to a world we can
not protect them from. Hopefully, they will ride into a
happy and fulfilling adulthood. One that brings them
lots of joy, a family of their own, and a
desire to keep the Lord first in their lives.
I don't think
I'm ready to let them ride off. Not quite yet.
I just want to slow the time they are
small down. Cherish every day. I
want it to last forever.


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