Monday, June 15, 2009

A Visit With Nan

Last week, we took a much needed trip out
to visit my grandmother, Nan. The
kids call her Great Grand Nan, sometimes
just Great Nan for short.
We enjoyed lunch together. The kids
played, while Nan and I caught up on some much needed chat.
My Nanny has always been a lot of fun. She finds
a way to make the ordinary special. During our
visit she did not disappoint. She made a big
deal that the kids had finished another grade. She
gave them cards that said, "Congratulations!" and
"You did it!". In the cards
she tucked away five dollars for the kids to spend
any way that they wanted. She even had a note of
celebration for me! It was such a fun afternoon, and after our
visit I realized how blessed I am to have a grandmother
who loves me, loves the Lord, and prays for our family daily.
It was a very fun lunch.


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